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Frequently asked questions.

Below are the most common questions regarding our solutions. The best way to evaluate our systems is with a free demo or trial.
Please contact us regarding any questions you may have or to get your demo scheduled.

General Questions

Onsite/on-premise installs are flat rate. When you purchase a system, the cost is a flat rate. We do not charge per user nor per channel or even sub-channels. Whether you have 1 channel or 100 channels at the same location, the pricing will be the same.

ITracker Enterprise vs Profession. The Professional version has the primary functionality needed to manage incidents and operationals include discrepancy reporting, shift summaries, real time alerts, and reporting/analytics.
The Enterprise version includes all the features along with 24/7 support.

Yes. We have free trials and instructor lead demos. ITracker is in broadcast operations of varying needs accross the globe. We are confident that you will select ITracker if you take a peek.
You can sign up for a 30-day fully functional trial. There is nothing to set up on your side. You don't need your IT department involve. Create and account and go.
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Technical Questions

None. ITracker is a web application. There is nothing for the user to install. The application runs on the web browser. That means your users can access from mobile devices, Windows, Macs or any device with a browser.

Yes. ITracker is secure. ITracker supports both http and https (SSL - used by banks) to ensure security while browsing. The same security extends to email with support for POP, IMAP, Exchange, Google, Office and other mail providers.
Additionally, ITracker provides a role based access control framework that allows you to segment user access all the way down to which drop down options are available to specific users.
ITracker security ensures only those who need access to the data can access it.

Yes. ITracker can easily handle 500 users We have installation with thousands of users spread over continents. These installations include hundreds of reports being distributed in a variety of different formats including HTML, Excel, PDF, XML and CSV.
ITracker was designed with flexible framework allowing it to handle large datasets and loads.

Yes. All our products support active directory. We provide Active Directory integration to eliminate the need for users managing multiple logins. Active Directory integration allows your users to log in with their network login and password.
We also support Single Sign On (SSO). We have integrations to allow Single Sign On using SAML and oAuth. Contact us for more information on the SSO integration.


Yes. You can centralize your data capture and reporting. ITracker makes it easy to standardize and centralize your discrepancy reporting. The portal serves as a central source of data where all your stations can access and perform data entry.
Access roles can limit user access to their specific stations while allowing management and supervisors to easily generate reports and trends.

Yes. Each station, group and/or business unit can have their own forms ITracker gives you the ability to centralize but still maintain the independence needed for broadcast environments.
Incident reports, shift summary, service management and tickets can be customized to fit the needs of each business unit... even down to the drop down options available.

Yes. ITracker can be incorporated as a workflow into your processes. ITracker includes extensive analytical capability but also includes the ability to push data to your external processes.
Whether you have a data warehouse or reporting (Tableau, PowerBI, etc), ITracker can easily integrate to those processing to provide a complete view of your operations.
Contact us to see how easy it is to connect the "business dots" with ITracker.

Legacy Software

Yes. We can easily import legacy data into ITracker. ITracker includes an import function to easily load legacy data. Loading the data into ITracker allows you to take advantage of the analytical features and to track trends before and after installation.
We can import from Excel, CSV, Jira, DiscrepSoft, ServiceNow, TrackIt and many more.
We also provide custom importing when needed. Our development team can cleans and transform your data into a supported format.

Yes. You can duplicate your legacy software's reports. ITracker allows you to customize reports to suit your needs. Our team can assist when needed.

Special Promotions

Yes. We have Trade Up promotion The Trade Up promotion for ITracker allows you to trade in your existing provider for discounts on the purchase of ITracker.
Depending on the cost of Trade Up software, you could get a new ITracker system for zero software cost.
Contact our an sales associate for more details.
Request A Demo

Sign up for a free ITracker demo with a live presenter. Presentation includes live access to the system and detailed overview of the features and functionality with opportunities for questions and answers.

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Start your free trial of ITracker. The includes a fully functional system customized to your operational needs. Add your channels and network. Included automatic alerts, dashboards and scheduled reports.