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Broadcast Use Case Examples

Broadcast Operations Management

The operations manager is responsible for leading, maintaining and ensuring on-air reliability of the organization’s broadcast operations. This includes identifying opportunities for process consolidation and streamlining processes to increase efficiency.

Operations Director/Manager to do list:
  • Ensuring standards are followed
  • Ensure timely processing of all on-air discrepancy tickets
  • Vendor relations
  • Resource allocation and planning
  • Continuous process review and adjustments

ITracker is an indispensable tool for Operations Managers. ITracker provides the means to digitize the organizations workflow using customizable forms and call to actions.

ITracker supports reporting on-air impacting discrepancies along with informational data that needs to be communicated to staff.

Real time alerts push the important business information to those who need it. While ITracker’s flexible enterprise reporting distributes targeted reports to staff based on a wide variety of business rules and metrics.

Business Critical Information on demand

ITracker also incorporates performance metrics features that allow managers to track staff proficiency with standard operating procedures. Managers can quickly generate analytics for performance reviews of staff and/or vendor products/services.

With ITracker the Operations Manager has the toolset to have a “Big Picture” view of their operations. Detailed dashboards and profiling metrics provide a view of all issue affecting the operations including trends and time-based comparisons.

ITracker includes:
  • Digitalization of SOP for processes and workflows
  • Targeted reporting of all discrepancy including on-air discrepancies and informational data
  • Integrated Ticketing including time-based ticket escalation
  • Integrated shift reporting and summary including the ability to customize summary for different business units
  • Service management support for assets and equipment with searchable knowledge base
  • Support for monitoring and change requests including an integrated approval process
Centralize, Standardize, and Capture

ITracker helps broadcasters track the on-air integrity of multiple network programming feeds and easily capture adverse effects along with information notes.

ITracker allows the organization to configure the system and capture forms to fit the operations needs including digitizing their operating procedures.

Data capture is provided using concise drop-down options that minimize operator errors.

Roles Based Security and Access

Though centralized, ITracker still allows the organization to easily restrict access to the data based on the affiliate and the user’s role.

User can restrict to specific sites and even specific drop-down options based on their site’s operational procedures.

Flexible Reporting and Analytics

ITracker makes for easy reporting with automatic reports that can be targeted specifically for the affiliate.

Reports can be in a variety of formats including PDF, HTML, CSV, Word, Excel and XML.

ITracker’s dashboards and analytics provide easy to use interface to gather knowledge from operations activities.

The trending and analysis provide the means for process monitoring and implementation of improvements.

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